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100 Partnerships in 10 Years

Our church values partnerships with other churches, groups and organizations; in fact one of our strategic objectives is to develop 100 partnerships over a 10-year period. We are about a fourth of the way there with 22 partnerships.

Partnerships allow us to be a part of so many things that we couldn’t do alone. It also allows us to help other groups and organizations that are already doing great things do even more.

Some of our partnerships require very little of us like the AA group that has met in our building for over 40 years. We simply give them a place to meet, but without that they couldn’t do what they do. On the other hand partnerships like the one we have with the Tania Centre in Kenya allow us to make a substantial financial investment into their work; again helping them to continue doing great things.

One of our newest partnerships is with Greg Hawkins and Nations of Coaches. Greg served as our Interim Student Pastor in 2016 before he and his wife Keri relocated to Dallas for seminary. Greg serves on the Dallas Baptist University men’s basketball team as a full-time Nations of Coaches character coach. Character coaches focus on the development of young men, teaching them about not just winning and losing, but what it takes to be a leader and a man of integrity.

Our church supports Greg’s work financially through our mission’s budget. Greg will be in each of our worship services this Sunday via video call. He will be sharing a little bit of what his work is like and how it’s having an impact in the campus where he services. Don’t miss worship this week if you’re in town.

See you Sunday.