Fairfax Circle Church

12 Days of Christmas Challenge


Starting the 13th of December we will be encouraging our church family to celebrate Advent through the lens of your cameras and the power of personal stories.  There will be daily (fun!) challenges for you to creatively share your experiences and the joy of the season. We are excited to walk through the days with you, learning more about each other and about how we each see and celebrate Christmas in our own special way.

Please click here for a downloadable list of the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge.

Starting the 13th you will receive a daily challenge from this list.  Read the scripture, take the picture or share your story and send it to one or all of our social media addresses listed.  Let’s tweet, post, and Instagram our way through this time of celebration.  These will be great activities to do as a family, with friends or on your own.


Facebook: The easiest way for us to catch your post is if you check into Fairfax Circle Church with your location icon before posting the photo.

Twitter: Make sure you put @FFXCircleChurch in your post so that we can see your posting on our feed.

Instagram: First, follow us (fairfaxcirclechurch) then post to your wall.  We will be able to see it!


Please be sure to use the hashtags: #FCBCChristmas & #FairfaxCircleChurch.

For more information or to make sure that you are on our mailing list, please email us at info@fairfaxcirclechurch.org.