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I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to someone in our church and tell you about some of the wonderful things she’s preparing to be a part of.

Lynné Workman grew up in our church and recently graduated with her master’s degree. This past December she had the opportunity to serve with an organization called Imprint Hope in Uganda for three weeks.

Imprint Hope works to educate and empower children with disabilities and their families. They provide vital resources to boost the quality of life of children with disabilities. They inspire them by displaying the value, purpose, and beauty present in every child with a disability. They work to educate small communities on origins and causes of disabilities and what can be done to help their kids. And they empower the community to work together on sustainable rehabilitation.

Because many of these children are forgotten and live on the fringe, the love and compassion that Imprint Hope gives to them has an amazing impact on their lives.

After serving with Imprint Hope for several weeks, Lynné felt a call to return and serve on a longer basis. So, for the last several months, she’s been preparing to go back to Uganda and serve for a year.

Her primary role at Imprint will be to organize village outreach clinics, which will provide education and resources for parents and care takers of disabled children in the community. These will typically be daylong clinics with a long-term goal of getting more involved with the government through the Ministry of Education. Additionally, Lynné will organize trips for short-term volunteers who come to help out at Imprint throughout the year.

Lynné will be at church this Sunday and will be in the lobby before and after services to answer questions about what she will be doing. She’s also looking for prayer partners and financial partners. If you would like to find out more about either of these please email her at lynnelworkman@gmail.com.

Please encourage Lynné and begin praying for her as she continues to fundraise and works out all of the details that need to be planned. She will be leaving in August and will be gone for the entire year.

See you Sunday.