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Be strong and courageous!

This month’s Bible verse is important to all of us. Our school-aged kids are going to be using a word scramble to learn the verse. Our preschool children are learning their verse with motions. Here are the motions if you want to practice!

“Be strong
(put right forearm and wrist out in front of you, similar to Wonder Woman)

and courageous.
(put left forearm and wrist out in front of you and hit wrists together)

Do not be afraid . . .
(wind up in a crazy karate chop pose and chop down on the word “afraid”)

for the Lord
(point your right hand up)

your God
(point your left hand up)

goes with you.”
(put both hands on hips in a ‘strong’ pose)

Deuteronomy 31:6
(hold out hands like a book)

How would you discuss this Bible truth with any child? Would you explain how you have been brave or courageous? Your testimony is very powerful to your child’s faith. A child at any age benefits from your testimony. Would you describe a time that you were afraid, and God helped you? Would you explain this verse to your child by telling them about a time that you felt God with you?

Each month when we memorize a verse, we need to put meaning to it. My challenge to you, as we go through October, is to share your testimony regarding this verse to your child. Make it real to them! Personalize it as you say it. Claim it! I am praying this is true for all of us!