Fairfax Circle Church

Annual Business Meeting December 11, 2016

The Annual Business Meeting will be Sunday, December 11 at 5:00pm.  Below are motions that will be made at the business meeting along with the 2017 Proposed Operating Budget.

Motion 1: The Alignment Team moves that the Proposed 2017 Operating Budget be approved as presented.

Motion 2: The Alignment Team moves that the designated fund, called the Ministry Fund, be eliminated and a line item for benevolence be established in the 2017 operating budget to meet the urgent needs of people that cannot be met in other ways; and that the remaining balance in the Ministry Fund ($148.31 as of 9/30/16) be moved to the General Fund.

Motion 3: The Alignment Team moves to elect Melissa Bowhay and Cathy Crawford to serve two-year terms on the Alignment Team.

Motion 4: The Alignment Team moves to elect Robin Sole to a three-year term on the Administrative Council.

Information about the Proposed 2017 Operating Budget

Budget Development

The draft operating budget for 2017 was developed by the Administrative Council, with staff input, and presented to the Alignment Team. The Alignment Team considered and finalized the draft budget for presentation to the Congregation.

Determining our needs–Each year, Fairfax Circle Baptist Church develops an operating budget to reflect projected funding needed to fulfill our mission “to develop devoted followers of Christ, connected in a unique community with a passion for serving others.”

To fulfill our mission, we must maintain our buildings and grounds (including utilities and upkeep); support staff salaries and benefits; buy curriculum materials, supplies and equipment; host community events such as the Living Nativity; and support local, national, and international missions. We also carry out ministries to children, students, and families; participate in hypothermia response; manage Operation Christmas Child activities; and serve in many other ways. We strive to meet all of these needs through our operating budget. This budget is faith-based, so we rely on the Holy Spirit to move in the hearts of givers to provide the tithes and offerings required to meet our budget and fulfill our mission.

Stewarding our financial resources throughout the year–We seek to steward the financial resources provided by our givers in a way that reflects positively upon the example of service set by Christ our Lord and ensures we continually earn and honor the trust of our givers. We also seek to faithfully demonstrate compliance with best practices and standards for financial accountability within Christ-centered churches.   We often go beyond best practices in regard to financial management transparency. We publish, on a monthly basis, our full and detailed financial report, which shows the status of giving and all of our expenditures at Fairfax Circle Baptist Church in the service of Christ. We want our givers (and others who may be interested) to know how their tithes and offerings are being used on an on-going basis to fulfill our mission.

Highlights of the proposed 2017 operating budget–Here are a few items to keep in mind as you review the proposed budget:

  • The overall proposed increase in the 2017 operating budget from 2016 is 4.6% ($21,613).
  • The budget includes an overall increase in our support to meet the needs of others locally, nationally, and internationally of 4.8% from 2016. This change reflects realignment of our support to better reflect those needs locally and around the world that the Lord is calling to our specific attention. Consequently, we are asking for support for the Tania Centre, the school for physically and mentally challenged children in Kiserian, Kenya, to which our missionary is assigned. We are also asking to establish a new line item to support benevolent requests so that we can readily meet the urgent needs of people that cannot be met in other ways.
  • We propose to add a new line item 4385 called Capital Reserves. The purpose of including this new line item is to begin setting aside funding to support and grow our mission in the future. This line item is intended to grow in value over time and cover expenditures such as those for land, buildings, and major equipment.
  • The budget includes a 1.6% increase in staff salaries based on reviewing the anticipated level of 2017 raises in the Federal Government, Fairfax County, and the private sector, as well as reviewing two church compensation studies. This increase, though small, is part of meeting our commitment to care for our staff and is consistent with salary increases members of the church body will receive in 2017.
  • A slight increase in hours, and therefore in compensation levels, is being proposed in the budget for the Accountant position, as well as the Ministry Assistant position. These increases reflect additions to the workload of both of these positions.   If the budget is approved, two positions will be eliminated, i.e., the Fellowship Pastor and the Student Pastor. To replace these positions, one new full-time position, a Student and Discipleship Pastor, is proposed. The total cost to support this new position will be approximately $53,750, which is an increase of $15,816 over the combined cost for the two part time positions to be eliminated.

…Bring a gift in proportion to the way the Lord your God has blessed you. Deuteronomy 16:17 (NIV)