Bring the Homeless in from the Cold

Last Sunday we announced the launch of our Hypothermia Response Week (HRW) ministry. You can read all about it here. HRW is February 16-22 and there are lots of ways for you to be involved. And since this is an “all hands on deck” ministry, we everyone to be involved in some way. So here’s a few ways you can serve during HRW:

  • Volunteer. We have multiple shifts from later afternoon and evening to over night and early morning. And you can choose to serve in guest services, food prep and serving, clean up after dinner or in the morning to reset for the next day. You can also serve during the day, while our guests are at work and other places, preparing lunches.



  • Pray. We’ve seen so many wonderful things happen through the years during HRW and much of that is because of the prayer that goes into what we do. Prayer volunteers commit to pray for the general needs and sometimes specific needs throughout the week. We have a prayer coordinator who works with prayer volunteers to keep them up to date on the prayer needs and to help them organize.
  • Give financially. It costs around $6000 to operate our HRW ministry and it’s fully supported through our 2020 Operating Budget. That means when you give to our church’s general fund you’re helping to support HRW along with all the other things we do through out the year. Giving is really easy and there’s multiple ways to do it. Please visit our “give” page using the button below to find out more.


I hope you will be a part of this wonderful and important ministry. Please reply to this email or speak to one of our staff or HRW team members in the lobby on Sunday.

See you Sunday.