Fairfax Circle Church

Business Meeting on June 5, 2016

Fairfax Circle Baptist Church (unincorporated association)
Final Business Meeting Agenda
June 5, 2016

  1. Call to order
  2. Moving forward with incorporation process
  3. Authorization of Trustees to transfer real and personal property and contractual obligations
  4. Adjourn


Motion 1:
The Incorporation Team moves that Fairfax Circle Baptist Church complete the process of incorporation and begin to operate as a new incorporated entity of the same name.

Motion 2:
The Incorporation Team moves that the Fairfax Circle Baptist Church Trustees be authorized to transfer all real and personal property and contractual obligations of the church to Fairfax Circle Baptist Church, a Virginia Church Corporation by appropriate gift deed and other documentation.


Fairfax Circle Baptist Church (Corporation}
Organizational Members Meeting Agenda
June 5, 2016

  1. Call to order
  2. Recognition of members and establishment of quorum
  3. Update on status of Articles and Certificate of Incorporation
  4. Adoption of Bylaws and Constitution
  5. Affirming Alignment Team members
  6. Authorization of financial / administrative matters
  7. Adjourn


Motion 1
That the Constitution and Bylaws of Fairfax Circle Baptist Church, as revised during the incorporation process, be adopted as the Bylaws of the new Corporation of the same name.

Motion 2
That the current Fairfax Circle Baptist Church Alignment Team members be installed as at-large members of the Fairfax Circle Baptist Church Board of Directors, maintaining current expirations of terms of office.

  • Jaimie Lindley (2016)
  • Chris Todd (2016)
  • Gideon Dean (2017)
  • Joe Ragona (2017)
  • Steve Plaugher (2018)
  • Ellie Bechtle (2018)

Motion 3
That the Alignment Team and Treasurer are authorized and directed to establish or continue Corporation bank accounts and acquire and arrange for setting up of the appropriate corporate financial books.

Motion 4
That the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Corporation, be and hereby are authorized and directed on behalf of the Corporation and under its corporate seal, to make application for and file such licenses, certificate or certificates, reports, or other instruments as from time to time may be required by law to authorize the Corporation to transact its business in the various jurisdictions in consultation with legal counsel.

Motion 5
That the President be authorized to accept the gift deed from the Fairfax Circle Baptist Church (unincorporated) Trustees and retain legal counsel to effectuate the transfer through whatever legal means are required.

Motion 6
That the Secretary enter the Articles of Incorporation into the Corporate Minutes Book. Further, that the Secretary include as an attachment to the minutes of this meeting a copy of the Constitution and Bylaws as approved and adopted by the Members.

The Alignment Team has appointed the following officers of the Corporation: David Magnet – President, Gideon Dean – Chairperson, Chris Todd – Treasurer, Ellie Bechtle – Secretary

Please click here to see the draft of the constitution and bylaws.