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Change the World: Pray for our Partners

One of the things we value at Fairfax Circle Church is our partnerships with other churches, organizations and individuals. Our staff prays intentionally for our partnerships each week as a part of our staff meeting and this week I’d like to ask you to pray specifically for three of our partners.

First, pray for FACETS, as they get ready to launch the Hypothermia Prevention Program. The program, which provides overnight shelter to homeless, will launch mid-November and run through the first of April. FACETS is already busy getting participating churches like ours organized and ready to go. It will be a busy season and this is an extremely important ministry.

Second, pray for Fairhill Elementary School. Fairhill is across Rt. 50 from our church and this is a new partnership that we are still developing. Up until now it has consisted of recognizing the faculty and staff and giving them some treats to show our appreciation for what they do. Recently, a couple of our staff were able to meet with some administrator to discuss how we can serve them and help support what they do. As we continue to develop this partnership we will let you know how you can participate as well.

Third, pray for the Tania Centre. Tania is a residential school for special needs kids in Kenya and we’ve had a relationship with them for years. Over the last couple of years we’ve helped raise funds for Tania to install a solar power system to provide electricity to their campus. That system is up and running.

A few years ago we provided computers, keyboards and monitors to Tania to create a new computer lab. The lab has been very beneficial to what they do and an important part of preparing the kids for future education or technical training. This week, the lab was broken into and the equipment was stolen. Please pray for the recovery of this equipment.

As I said, our partnerships are very important to us and these are just three that we are honored to have and through them we are seeing God do some really great things. Please pray for all of our partnerships and when you have an opportunity, engage in one of them personally.

See you Sunday,