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College-Aged Ministry

Our College-Aged Ministry is a community of new adults figuring out life and faith together. “Adulting” isn’t easy, especially when you’re new to it. This ministry offers college-aged adults the opportunity to walk through life with others. We don’t claim to have all of the answers, but we do have a lot of understanding and grace. So whether you’re someone who wants to explore faith or someone who’s already following Jesus, we just want you to be yourself with us and God in our pursuit to better ourselves and the world around us in the name of Jesus.

What to expect

Our ministry is new! So, you won’t be invisible, but you will have an opportunity to help shape this ministry with your personality and gifts. This is a safe place for anyone.

Our College-Aged Ministry is about offering community, not bombarding your already hectic schedule.

We hope to be a break from the stress of life and a safe place for you to land. We meet regularly to discuss faith, rely on each other, have fun, and serve others alongside our church family.

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Small Group

Our small group will begin meeting again in September. Topic: First Things First. It's a short online small group that is all about helping our college students adjust to college life from a Christian perspective.

Come join the discussion with us as we pursue God with curiosity, open-minds, boldness, and common sense. We hope to encourage you and equip you to make the world a better place along with us.

Email Lex with any questions or for more info.


College students are about to start a new school year and we want to show them our support by sending cards, gift-cards and finals packages. Our college-age ministry mailings are limited to college-age students directly connected to our church, but are not limited to only college students, all 18-23 year olds are welcome, whether enrolled in college, military, work, or otherwise. Sign-up below.

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Need a ride to our church? We’d love to help! Contact Lex at or (772) 696-3749.

Find Out More

Want a coffee or beer (21+) on Lex? Contact him! He’d love to answer any questions you have or just hangout: or (772) 696-3749.