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Invite your friends!

Fairfax Circle is a church where everyone is welcome. And we want you to love Jesus  so much that you can't wait to share him with your friends. Maybe this doesn't come easy to you. To that end, we give as many "on-ramps" as possible to make it easy for you to invite your friends.


Fun activities

We like to have fun together and these times are perfect for inviting a friend. Free food always sweetens the deal too. Whether it's events like WaterWars or Living Nativity or small groups, you are encouraged to bring your friends.

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Serving opportunities

Sometimes it can be tough to find a place to serve where you are making a difference. People are often on the lookout for meaningful service projects, especially around the holidays. Be sure to tell them about cooking for the Lamb Center, Hypothermia Response Week and our senior adult craft ministry and invite them along.

Technology makes it easy to share

One easy way to invite people is through social media. Anytime you see one of our graphics that you like, please feel free to share it to your social media as an invitation for all of your friends in the digital world. Try holding your finger down on the image to the right and saving it to your phone. Or if you're using a desktop, just drag it to your desktop and share from there. Also, our app makes sharing events, notes, sermons and more fast and easy!

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