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Discussions for Holy Week

This month we start our most important series of the year. This is the time where we tie everything together and help these kids understand the truth above all truths…..Jesus died for them and wants to be their friend forever. Here are the descriptions of this months series.

Series Description: Pre School Children
“There is no greater friend than one who sacrifices his life for another. Jesus did just that. He died and came back to life so we can be with God forever. It is the most incredible thing that has ever happened. God gave us Jesus. He is alive, and He wants to be our friend forever. He’s the one who will never leave us, never forsake us, and never stop loving us.”

Series Description: School Aged Children
“Hope is a response to the character of God. We are often limited in what we see and understand, but we can believe in a God we know who keeps His promises. Our hope is rooted in a good God who is working to make something beautiful of our lives.”

We need to work together to make this real for our kids. There is nothing wrong with Easter bunnies and fun celebrations, but don’t let them get in the way of what is true and what is real.

I am going to be giving you resources to use during Holy Week. My prayer for you is that you will lead your child in at least one discussion about why this week is Holy, why Jesus loves us so much. I will help you in anyway that I can. Here is a great reading plan. If you don’t think you can read this to your kids, read it yourself and retell it around the dinner table. “I was reading about what we call Holy Week and did you know that the week before Jesus was killed people were excited to see him?”

Have fun! See you Sunday!