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Does it feel like God is absent or apathetic?

This past Sunday we started our new series The Land Between: Finding God in the Difficulties. The title is based on the experience the Israelites had as they journeyed from captivity in Egypt to the Promised Land through the desert – the land between.

The question we are focusing on in this series is this: What do you do when there’s nothing you can do? What do you do when God’s silence seems to indicate that he’s absent or his seeming absence feels like he’s apathetic?

During the first message of this series we looked at the story of John the Baptist, someone Jesus knew and loved. Yet Jesus seemed to have forgotten him during his darkest time. But John discovered that it’s possible to keep believing and following even during those times. And just like Jesus knew exactly what John was going through and just like Jesus cared about John, even though he seemed absent, we can know the same thing about God today.

If you missed Sunday’s message be sure to check it out on line as it sets the stage for where we’re going for the next few weeks.

This week we’ll look at part of the Apostle Paul’s story where he tells us about a “thorn in his flesh” that he had to live with. And while we don’t know what it was exactly, we know that it was painful, it was a distraction, and it was something that he prayed for God to remove but God chose not to.

In the middle of that “land between” time, Paul’s faith was actually strengthened and God used him and his pain in an incredible way. So if you’re in town this week I hope you’ll make it a priority to be in worship.

See you Sunday.