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Good News?

This Sunday we’ll be in part two of our series Good News? In this series we’re talking about how, when the announcement of Jesus’ birth was given, it was said to be “good news, of great joy, for all people.” And the message of Jesus was so attractive that people wanted it to be true even before they were convinced that it was true. People told the story of Jesus over and over and Luke tells us that many people endeavored to write it down.

So, if the story and life and message of Jesus was really such good news, why is there so much resistance to it in our culture today? That’s the question we’re wrestling with during this series. And another question we’re wrestling with is this: What are we, as individual followers of Jesus, and corporately as a church, going to do to make sure we’re living out the original version of Christianity, which was good news?

If you missed last Sunday make sure you check it out on our app or online and I hope you don’t miss the next two installments of this series.

See you Sunday.