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“Happily Ever After”

A great marriage doesn’t happen automatically. It requires communication and regular maintenance. But sometimes making the effort is just not a priority for us. As long as it’s not broken, do we really need to talk about it?

The answer is “yes,” we do need to talk about it, especially if we want our marriages to be great. So, for the next three weeks we’re going to talk about some of the keys to great marriages.

The reality is all of us come into marriage with hopes, dreams and desires. This week, as we begin our Happily Ever After series, we’ll talk about how we can keep those hopes, dreams and desires from becoming unrealistic expectations for our spouse.

Don’t miss this series! And if you have a high school or college aged student, use the influence you have with them to get them in church this Sunday. You’ll be glad you did and one day they will too.

See you Sunday.