Here Come the Holidays!

I want to thank everyone who took the opportunity this past Sunday to give us feedback about our Sunday morning environments through our “in the seat” survey. We heard from folks who were visiting for the first time and folks who have been a part of our church for years. We also heard from people as young as teenagers to eighty year olds.

The surveys were overwhelmingly positive about what a great church we have and were full of ideas of potential new opportunities and how we can do things even better. If you were not in worship Sunday please take the opportunity to fill out a survey this week.

I also want to just remind you of a few things that are coming up that you might want to participate in:

  • Save your Halloween candy – In February we’re operating a week long hypothermia shelter for local homeless folks. We always like to roll out the hospitality for this week and being able to offer our guests some sweet treats each evening on their way in is one of the ways we do that. If you have leftover candy, bring it to church over the next couple of Sundays and we’ll put it to use in Feb.
  • Operation Christmas Child shoebox drop-off center – The OCC shoebox drop-off center will be operating Nov. 18-25. Individuals and area churches bring their packed boxes to our campus and our volunteers pack them in larger cartoons and load them on a truck to go to the regional collection center. The relay center will be operating various hours throughout the week so take a look at the schedule and see where you might be able to serve.
  • The Land Between Series wraps up this Sunday – We’ve received a lot of feedback about this series and how timely and helpful it’s been for folks. We’ll be wrapping it up this week in part 5. As we wrap it up we’ll be shifting gears a bit from talking about how to get through our “land between” seasons to how can we use what we learned in the land between to help someone else get through theirs. Don’t miss this Sunday!

See you Sunday.