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Jesus doesn’t want your stuff

Thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out one of our “in the seat” surveys. We have 74 surveys turned in and the overwhelming input was positive with lots of great comments about things we do well as a church and ideas about how we can do better. Our staff has read through every survey turned in and will be working to capture the information to forward on to other leaders.

This Sunday we will be starting a new 3-week series that will be the third installation of our Christian Elements series. Through Christian Elements we’ve looked at prayer and community, and over the next three weeks we will look at generosity.

Jesus had a lot to say about generosity, finances and our stuff, in fact he talked more about that than he did heaven. The interesting thing is that Jesus never asked anyone for money. The reason for that was he didn’t want anything from people he wanted something for them.

I believe the subject of generosity and finances is an important one for Christians to understand. In fact I believe it is one of the most important subjects and so I don’t shy away from teaching about it and addressing it. I do want you to know, and I’ll say this every week during this series, that just like Jesus, I don’t want anything from you but I do want something for you. And that’s true for our church as well.

So I hope you’ll join us this Sunday as we start this series and as we look at how we can all live happier, healthier lives as it relates to our finances, our stuff and our generosity.

See you Sunday.