Partnerships Update

If you’ve been a part of our church for very long you know how important partnerships are to us. I want to take an opportunity this week to share with you how some of our partners locally, nationally and globally are doing and what we are doing to support some of them.
The Lamb Center is a day shelter for people experiencing homelessness. They provide meals (breakfast and lunch) daily, showers, laundry services and other needed services. They are currently open but operating on a very limited basis. This past Saturday was our church’s week to serve lunch. The Bryson family did an incredible job of packing around 70 lunches at their house and delivered them to The Lamb Center. Thanks Brysons for a job well done!
Greg and Keri Hawkins serve with Nations of Coaches and our church provides financial support for what they do. Greg recently put together a short video to let us know what he’s been up to. You can view the video here and the password is “Hoops”.
Gospel Centers International is a church in Nairobi, which we’ve had a long-term partnership with. We currently work with them to provide financial support to partial or full orphans to help them attend a good school. Since Nairobi is currently under similar stay home orders as us they are meeting online and schools are not meeting. We’ve reached out to them to see if there are any immediate needs that our church may be able to help with.
The Tania Centre is a school for special needs and orphaned kids and is located just outside of Nairobi. We’ve recently been in touch with them. They have sent all of the kids, who have families, home and have 53 children staying on campus during the shutdown. They are doing well and will be letting us know of any immediate needs they have.
Please pray for all of our partners as they face some of the same challenges all of us face while at the same time having to be concerned about a drop in their financial support from donors during this time. We will keep you updated if anything changes with them and if there are any needs that come up that we feel we can help with.
Also, if you, or if you know of anyone in our congregation who has any kind of need please don’t hesitate to let us know.
Have a great week and I hope to see you Sunday.