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Peace & love on Election Day

This Tuesday is Election Day and our church serves as a polling center. Two years ago the Presidential election was an incredibly tense election and a lot of people felt that tension as they went to their polling centers to vote. I remember having a conversation with some of the officials that oversee the elections on our campus and even they were nervous about it all.

Our church saw that as an opportunity to create some hospitality around all of that as people came to vote on our campus. It was a simple but very effective plan; we handed out cups of coffee and Krispy Kreme donuts. The results were unexpected.

The election workers received a ton of comments from people about how what we did made them feel so much more comfortable and at ease; it diffused a lot of the tension. We also heard from the Fairfax County Office of Elections that they had received a number of calls from people expressing the same thing. So in the middle of tension and apprehension our church created some peace.

I believe a byproduct of every church’s presence and work in the world should be peace. And our church does a lot to promote and produce peace in our community and world. This Tuesday we have a chance to do it again because, let’s be honest, not a lot has changed in two years in regards to the political tone and climate in our country. People are going to show up again this year on our campus to vote with some tension, concern, stress and even some anger.

So I hope you will join some of our other volunteers, leaders and staff as we hand out coffee and donuts through out the day on Tuesday. I guarantee you you’ll be glad you did.

Here’s a link to the signup in case you’ve got some free time to serve.

See you Sunday,