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Self control/homework challenge: August 31, 2018

As I am writing this, I am seeing lots of back to school pictures on Facebook. A lot of them are from you! I have the same prayer and hope for all of the kids going back to school today.

I pray that they will be kind, and loving and be a true friend. We work on these skills every Sunday when we play games together. It is one of our goals in Children’s Ministry, that we help these kids be like Jesus on the playground.

I pray that they will rest in the fact that Jesus loves them. That is my number one goal, is that they know they are loved unconditionally by a Heavenly Father. We accomplish that in our large group and small group times.

This past Sunday we talked about super heroes. We talked about how each super hero had a quality that Jesus had first…..to be kind, to serve, to be a friend. I pray that each of our kids will go into the school year being like a super hero, because they would be like Jesus!

We are going to move to monthly homework with our school aged kids. Their September homework will be about having Self Control! We are using bubbles to make our point! Every time they go home and do the homework, they should email me. Their name will go into a drawing for a prize in June. The more times they do it, the better chance they have off winning. I will let them help me decide on the prize, but it will have a worth of $100.00.

Thanks for the coming to the party on Sunday! It was a lot of fun!