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The Tania Project

In October, 2018, we kicked off the Tania Project, a campaign to help the children at the Tania Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. You can read all about the Tania Centre below.
In order to help without hurting, we have worked hard to form relationships with the Tania Centre leadership and gather as much information as possible. From this process, we have developed a plan to help and called it the Tania Project.

The problem

For the past few years, the centre has struggled to keep a stable staff of teachers. This is a problem since new teachers have to learn about the kids and gain their trust before making a difference in their lives and education. But in order to find the root of the problem, we had to look deeper.

It turns out that the electricity bills are so high that any funds that the centre can come by get funneled there. And electricity is truly important. Electricity runs the water pump – no electricity, no water. The centre’s gardens and crops are irrigated using the water pump – no electricity, no water, no food.


600x400 tania kids
600x400 solar panels

what’s the solution?

In order to help solve this problem, we are raising $20,000 to purchase and install a solar power system for the Tania Centre. This will both provide a steady, stable source of electricity and make drastic reductions in the electricity bills. In addition, we are raising $30,000 to help with teacher and staff salaries while the solar project is being implemented. We anticipate that once the electrical bills are at a more manageable level, the teachers can be paid reliably. SUCCESS! We have 40 pledges totaling $55,990. We will keep you updated on the progress of the building as it proceeds. Thank you to our church family for their hearts for these children!