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Hypothermia Response Ministry

For more than a decade, Fairfax Circle Church has partnered with other churches, Fairfax Country and the local non-profit FACETS to host Hypothermia Response.
Hypothermia Response Week will look much different this year. We will not have any guests on our campus. Guests are staying in one shelter location all season long as a COVID precaution and FACETS staff are overseeing it. With this change comes much fewer volunteer opportunities:

Breakfast and Lunch Packers: Your family/pod will prepare two days worth of sandwiches  as well as put together lunch and breakfast items in bins to be delivered to the shelter site. The prepping will take place in the church kitchen. Our breakfast/lunch coordinator will work with you to schedule your time to be at church to ensure you're the only ones in the space. All food safety prep guidlines will need to be followed (masks, hand-washing, gloves, etc.)

Breakfast and Lunch Deliverers: You will be loading and transporting the breakfast and lunch items from the church to the shelter location in Tysons Corner. This will likely take place in the late afternoon/evening but we will coordinate with the packing crew.

Restaurant Coordination Team: Dinners will be provided by restaurants each night. This team will work together to locate restaurants based on availiaility, location, budgets, menu, etc. Once chosen, team members will coordinate with those establishments to ensure orders are place and dinners are delivered.

Guest Needs Team: This team is made up of volunteers who are willing to help fufill guest needs that may come. Some examples could be clothing, shoes, personal items, books, backpacks etc. This team will be contacted via email if a need arises.

Prayer Team: This team will pray where they wish for the guests and shelter staff each day. If we are told of any specific prayer needs, they will be communicated over email. Let us not forget the importance of prayer during this time as it's something we all can do.

Give: If you'd like to give finacially to support this ministry, you can do so on our website or through our App. Just choose "Hypothermia Response" under "Fund."  www.fairfaxcirclechurch.org/resources/give/

Here are some photos of our awesome Hypothermia Team in action during our week of serving in 2020:


Each year, hundreds of individuals living on the streets, in cars, and in abandoned buildings in Fairfax County/City search for shelter from the winter weather. Beginning each year in late November, FACETS works with 31 faith communities in the area to offer safe places to sleep and nutritious meals to homeless men and women through their website is facetscares.org (Hypothermia Prevention and Response under "Programs"), for more information. This program is one of several operated across Fairfax and Falls Church in partnership with the Fairfax County government.

In operation since 2003, the program has evolved from solely offering a safe haven to also offering life-enhancing programs. Last year 305 guests were served in the Hypothermia Prevention and Response Program. Many of these guests participated in case management services, leading to 38 individuals moving off the streets and into housing.

Fairfax Circle serves in this program in February. We transition our building into a one-week shelter providing guests with a place to sleep, three meals a day plus snacks, metro fare cards and other services. This ministry requires a large number of volunteers.

Some Statistics

  • 31% of Fairfax County homeless are employed
  • 51% are families mainly due to domestic violence
  • 6% are military veterans


Contact Information

Email hrw@fairfaxcirclechurch.org


Ways to Help

  • Pray. Pray that God will move you to participate, volunteer, donate, and open your heart to those in need
  • GiveDonate money to the church, donate clothing items for the guests, donate supplies from the list below.
  • Volunteer. Give your time through volunteer opportunities. Use the blue button above to sign up.
  • Help Lead. We are looking for more people to help lead the ministry.  If you are interested please email us.


Donation List

Food Items

  • Candy (leftovers from this recent Halloween or Christmas are fine)

Hygiene Items - ALL are needed but especially:

  • Small bottles of Gold Bond powder
  • Toothpaste
  • Soft bristle toothbrushes
  • Deodorant

Other Items

  • White crew socks (unused)
  • White t-shirts - variety of sizes
  • Febreeze
  • Dress clothes for interviews (for men and women)
  • underwear (unused)


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