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Spark! A Creative Ministry for Kids


We had our first session of Spark, and it was a success! The session was on puppet ministry. We learned a lot. The first thing is that the proposed schedule that we started out with is not going to work. The next session is on Gospel Magic. Our own pastor is quite the pro in Gospel Magic……I know, right???? He has agreed to show the kids a thing or two!

The purpose of Spark is to put a different creative ministry in front of our kids and see if they enjoy it. If they do, they are given opportunities to lead or serve in the ministry after was are done with that particular learning session. My hope is that something will SPARK in one of our kids after the Gospel Magic session and they will want to lead in our kids worship services, on occasion.

The Gospel Magic Session of Spark will start on Wednesday, February 20th and will go for three weeks. It will start at 6:00…..not 5:30. It will end at 7:30. Please let me know if you are interested, but if the timing is not working out for you.


I have been asking you to send me emails to elise@fairfaxcirclechurch.org. I recently discovered that my two email accounts were not linked up the way that I thought that they were. The problem has been fixed and I would still appreciate it if you sent my emails to that address.


As I mentioned last week, we are working on several ministry projects right now. All of our kids are making place mats for our homeless guests that will be here March 24th-30th. If you would like to work on any as a family, let me know.

The school aged kids will be working on some things this week for Meal Pack. They will be praying over the areas that we will be using for the Meal Pack. We will NOT meet on February 10th, so we can serve at Meal Pack.

See you Sunday! Stay warm!