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Summer moves

Summers at Fairfax Circle are always bittersweet for me. It’s a time when people are moving into the area and looking for a church to connect with, while at the same time people in our church are transitioning to other parts of the country.

So, with that in mind I want to ask you to do a couple of things over the next couple of months. First, pray for the individuals and families who are relocating this summer. We’ve already had a couple of families and one of our recent college graduates move and we have a couple more that will be transitioning soon.

Pray that their moves will go well, that kids will get adjusted to new schools and adults will get adjusted to new jobs. Pray for them as they look for or move into new housing, get used to a new neighborhood and possible a different culture. And especially pray that they will find a great church that will welcome them, allow them to use their gifts and talents and connect them with other followers of Jesus.

Secondly, pray for all of those same things for the folks who are moving into our area. And as folks show up on Sundays to check us out, make sure you introduce yourself to them, make them feel welcome, help them find the coffee and kids check-in and invite them to meet one of our staff.

See you Sunday.