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Tania Project goal met and exceeded!

I want to start with a couple of updates and thanks. First an update on our Tania Project and a huge thanks for your generosity in supporting that partnership. As of this past Sunday we have $56,000 in commitments and have had $12,000 already given in cash. That’s incredible and is worth us celebrating God working through our church in this way.

I also want to thank everyone who volunteered this past Tuesday for our election hospitality initiative. And a special thanks to Carolyn Inman for coordinating our efforts and for going the extra mile in so many ways.

Throughout the day we had a lot of questions about our church and tons of great feedback and appreciation. It helped to make everyone’s experience better.

We also provided lunch for the election workers where were working from about 4:30am until after 8:00pm and they were extremely appreciative for what we did.

Thanks for being a church that cares about both our local and global community and for showing that concern in tangible ways.

Finally, I want to remind you that I will be traveling this weekend and Lex will be preaching. You don’t want to miss what he has to say so make sure you’re in church this Sunday.