The Coming Change: September 13, 2018

Last July I wrote about a new partnership that we were working on with an organization called Feed My Starving Children. This is the meal-packing group that we worked with through FoodFight last year and a couple of years before that.

Sometime in January or February we will be hosting our own mobile-pack at our church. This is a large commitment for our church both financially and in terms of volunteer needs. It will be a multi-day event and will require hundreds of volunteers.

Even though this is several months away I’m coming back to it now because, as I said in July, we have decided that we cannot do both a mobile food pack with FMSC and a large-scale box packing party with Operation Christmas Child. A few folks have asked about the OCC box packing party and so I assume others have not yet got the word.

We ARE still participating in OCC this year but on a much smaller scale than the past few years. We will be operating the relay center again this year and we will be providing OCC boxes for individual, families and groups to pack on their own.

I know our box packing party has been a major part of our church’s mission strategy and will be missed by many. Thousands of children have experienced the love of Jesus through this ministry and Christian organizations and churches around the world have been strengthened through it.

I believe our new partnership with FMSC has the same potential and will not only stretch us beyond where we currently are but will ultimately take us to new places serving in new ways.

This partnership will also impact thousands of children by providing them with the food and nutrition they desperately need. At the same times the organizations that receive and distribute the meals, clinics, schools, orphanages and churches will benefit because and will be able to do the things they do even better.

Thanks to all the leaders through the years who have led us to serve in such a big way through OCC and thanks in advance to those of you who will be leading us as we develop this new partnership with FMSC.

See you Sunday,