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This Changes Everything…

Last week we started our Happily Ever After series. If you missed it, check it out on the app or online because we’ll be picking up this week where we left off last Sunday.

Here’s a quick recap. We basically said that all of us come into relationships with things in mind that we want to be true of those relationships. We all have a box, an invisible box of hopes, dreams and desires as it relates to a future relationship and especially as it relates to marriage.

The problem comes when we hand our spouse or our significant other our box of hopes, dreams and desires and inadvertently communicate to them “make these come true.” When that happens, they don’t receive them as hopes, dreams and desires; they receive them as expectations.

And expectations lead to pressure and it ultimately a position where we feel like we owe each other. But we said great couples understand something that sets them apart; they understand that they owe each other everything but don’t expect anything in return.

This week we’re going to pick up there and look at where that idea comes from and how we all can make it a part of our most significant relationships. We’re going to look at a passage in scripture that is one of the most disliked and I believe most misunderstood passages in the entire Bible. But when we understand what it’s really telling us it and we apply it to our marriages, it has the potential to change everything.

Don’t miss this Sunday and invite a couple that you know to come with you.

See you Sunday.