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Trusting, Serving & Bubbles! September 7, 2018

Our preschool kids are off to a good start learning about Moses for the month of September. They learned about the burning bush last week and will be learning about the parting of the Red Sea this week. The memory verse is Proverbs 3:5 “Trust the Lord with all of your heart”. The bottom line is God Keeps His Promises!!!

Our school aged kids are learning about what the Bible says about doing the job that nobody else is doing. For example, picking up trash, or other dirty jobs that we hate doing, but we need to do to serve others. The biblical example last week was Nehemiah and his desire to go rebuild the wall. It was hard work, but it was a really important way to serve his community.

Our bonus lesson involved bubbles! We delighted in the bubbles, and then talked about how much God delights in us. Do you ever think to remind your child of this fact…..God delights in us…..in you! We went from there to the subject of self control. This will be the first fruit of the spirit that we examine over the next 10 months. We blew bubbles on our volunteers and they were not allowed to pop them or swat at them. Self control is hard, but we are promised it as a part of our relationship with Jesus. We need to practice it and to ask God for help with it. Having good self control is one of those things that helps us to be more like Jesus as we grow older. This week I am sending home homework. Let me know that you did it, so your families name can go into a drawing for the end of the school year.

Have a great week and remember that God delights in us!