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We are changing the world this weekend!

This coming weekend is going to be really exciting at our church. We will be packing meals that will go to children around the world that are malnourished and desperately need them. These meals will be distributed through organizations and ministries that are doing other great things as well, places like schools, churches, refugee centers and medical clinics.

The other really exciting thing about this weekend is the number of people who will be involved. We have close to 600 volunteers serving on our campus through our Meal Pack and about 400 of those are folks from our community who are not connected to our church.

Let me say a big thank you in advance of what you will do this weekend and another huge thank you to our team leaders who have been working for the last couple of months to get us ready for this undertaking.

Please be in prayer for this weekend, for our leaders and volunteers, for those that are coming to help that don’t have a church or maybe are not followers of Jesus. Pray for Feed My Starving Children and for their partners around the world. Pray for the organizations that will receive the meals and especially pray for the children who will receive them

See you this weekend at Meal Pack.