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Your Generosity in Action

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a few of our strategic ministry partners and some of the things we were doing with them. I want to give you an update about two of them since some of you have asked about the status.

Fairhill Elementary School – We are partnering with Fairhill Elementary School to help out families that are food and resource insecure. We are starting with a gift card and here’s how you can be a part. Bring Walmart, Target or grocery gift cards in $25 denominations to church and drop them in one of the offering boxes at the back of the worship center. Our collection Sundays are Nov 24, Dec 1 and Dec 8.

The counselors and staff at Fairhill will use these to help families in need as emergency situations arise throughout the year and during the upcoming holiday season. This is a fantastic way to be the hands and feet of Christ right here in our community.

Tania Centre Solar Project – We’ve updated on this a few times, but I just want to make sure everyone is aware that our project to fund a solar power system for the Tania Centre is completed. The Tania Centre is a residential school for special needs kids in Kenya. For this project we worked with a group of Canadian churches to raise funds to get the school on solar power so they don’t have to depend on the electrical grid. We exceeded our financial goal and were even able to step in and cover a small short-fall for the other churches.

In February a small group of us will be traveling to Kenya to audit one of the programs we are a part of and will be at Tania during our visit. We will participate in the official dedication ceremony of the solar power system while we are there and will be sharing all of that with you then.

As we talk about generosity for the next couple of weeks I just want to point out that without the incredible generosity of this church, none of this and the many other things we do in and through our church would be possible. Thanks to all of you who give so faithfully to support our church’s mission and efforts financially.

See you Sunday.