Finances & Impact

Our Vision for Financial Accountability

We are committed to financial accountability - to God and to our givers. Each year, Fairfax Circle Church develops a budget to reflect projected funding needed to fulfill our mission “to develop devoted followers of Christ, connected in a unique community with a passion for serving others.


Fulfilling our mission

To fulfill our mission, we

  • carry out ministries to children, students and families,
  • participate in Hypothermia Response,
  • manage Operation Christmas Child activities,
  • serve in many other ways,
  • maintain our buildings and grounds (including utilities and upkeep),
  • support staff salaries and benefits,
  • buy curriculum materials, supplies and equipment,
  • host community events such as the Living Nativity,
  • and support local and international missions.

Because our budget is faith-based, we rely on the Holy Spirit to move in the hearts of givers to provide the tithes and offerings we need to meet our budget and fulfill our mission.


Special funds

We also sometimes set up specially-designated funds to provide for needs that go above and beyond our budgeted needs. Oftentimes these funds reflect needs for which it is not possible to predict a budgeted amount. For example, we maintain a Ministry Fund as a specially-designated fund to assist with unexpected emergencies and crises facing people inside and outside the church. To meet these special needs, we ask our givers to give beyond their regular tithes and offerings.


Stewarding our financial resources throughout the year

We seek to steward the financial resources provided by our givers in a way that reflects positively upon the example of service set by Christ our Lord and ensures we continually earn and honor the trust of our givers.

We also seek to faithfully demonstrate compliance with best practices and standards for financial accountability within Christ-centered churches.


Financial Reports

We often go beyond best practices in regard to financial management transparency. We publish, on a monthly basis, our full and detailed financial report, which shows the status of giving and all of our expenditures at Fairfax Circle Church in the service of Christ. We want our givers (and others who may be interested) to know how their tithes and offerings are being used on an on-going basis to fulfill our mission.


Reporting the results of our stewardship

We constantly monitor giving toward our budget and spending against our budget.

  • Every month we meet to discuss and review our budget and the mission results that are being achieved through the budget.
  • Once a year, we take a special look at the impact of our ministries on achieving our overall mission at Fairfax Circle Church. Since our financial resources play a key role in helping us carry out our ministries, we focus part of this special look on our financial health and report on our financial health to our givers.


Financial Reports

Monthly report for: February, 2020

Financial statement for year ending: December, 2019

Financial statement for year ending: December, 2018

Financial statement for year ending: December, 2017

Financial statement for year ending: December, 2016

Financial statement for year ending: December, 2015

Financial statement for year ending: December, 2014