Small Groups

Fairfax Circle isn’t about buildings or sermons or songs. It’s about people.

Our small groups are where people become each other’s community and family. They're there to help pick you up when you’re down and inspire you to grow as a person and grow closer to God. A small group is a weekly gathering of people who meet in a home to study the Bible, pray and share one another’s experiences.

All of our small groups will meet either in-person or online this semester using the Zoom platform.


Small groups will resume in the Mid September.

If you have any questions about any of our small group options please email us! 

Deeper Dive

Location: Fairfax City

In-person and virtual

Day:  Fridays

Time: In-person 6:30pm; online 7:30pm

Facilitator/Hosts: Max and Carolyn Inman

This group will dig deeper into the Sunday morning sermon series  and discuss how these scriptures affect our lives as followers of Jesus.  The group will meet every other Friday and will be both in-person and virtual. 


Ladies’ Bible Study

On campus

Wednesdays at 12:15 – 2:00pm (Bring your own lunch)

Facilitator: Jaimie Lindley

The study will be Women of the Bible by Jean Syswerda & Ann Spangler.  The study will focus on 52 women in Scripture; Ruth, Anna, Esther, Leah, Rachel, Mary, Elizabeth, and other women who encountered the living God.


Mysteries of the Messiah

Western Fairfax/Fair Oaks area


Fridays at 7:00pm

Hosts/Facilitators: Marsha and David Magnet

In Mysteries of the Messiah, Rabbi Jason Sobel reveals the many connections in Scripture hidden in plain sight. Known for his emphatic declaration “but there’s more!” he will guide us in seeing the passion and purpose of the Messiah. 

Mysteries of the Messiah:

  • Uncovers connections between the Old and New Testaments.
  • Connects the dots for readers with details about Jesus, the Torah, and biblical characters.
  • Written with the unique perspective of a rabbi with an evangelical theological degree.

No matter how many times you have read the Bible, Mysteries of the Messiah will bring fresh perspective and insight. Scripture, written by many people over thousands of years, is not a random selection of people and stories. Rabbi Jason Sobel connects the dots and helps us see with clarity what God intended.


Because of Bethlehem by Max Lucado

Sundays at 7:00pm via Zoom

Facilitator: Elise Bell

We will be spending the semester preparing our hearts and minds for the Advent Season by looking at Because of Bethlehem by Max Lucado.  Over a period of eight weeks, we will be looking at how you can:
  • Revive your wonder that the One who made everything chose to make himself nothing for us.
  • Rekindle your connection to the Christ of Christmas who offers lasting hope.
  • Help you lay down your endless Christmas to-do list and receive what Jesus has already done.
  • Heal your heartache by embracing the God who is always near you, always for you, and always in you.
This will be done through study, the sharing of stories and traditions, and some practical activities that will help us live out what we learn.