Student Ministry

Our Student Ministry is a fun and safe place for 7th-12th graders to grow in their relationship with Jesus and other Christians. Come and see what it's all about, and make some new friends in the process.

About Us

We are focused on:

  • learning about God with an open mind
  • making the world a better place
  • building a welcoming community of teenagers

We encourage you to be yourself, ask questions, and make friends. We don’t have all of the answers but we do have a lot of understanding and grace. No one is perfect and being a teenager is hard. Don't go through life alone!


Join Us

The easiest way to join us is by attending on Sunday night from 5-7pm. We play games, hear a message from our student pastor, Lex, and then break into small groups to discuss the message. And in between there are often snacks and cute, hypoallergenic dogs.

Outside of Sunday nights, you’ll usually find us spending time doing something fun to grow closer as followers of Jesus or serving others to make earth a little more like heaven. You can find examples of this on our Instagram. You’ll also see our students volunteering on Sunday mornings in our worship team, Children’s ministry, and hospitality team.

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Reach Out

Please email or text Lex Moore, our Student and Discipleship Pastor, if you have questions about our Student Ministry. (772) 696-3749

Amazing Race 

On Saturday, May 1 is the Amazing Race! Based off the old TV show, your students (along with our student leaders) will break into teams to compete in a scavenger-hunt-style journey around Washington D.C. Each location along their route includes new challenges -- some physical and some mental -- and as each task is completed, the next destination is revealed. The first team to make it to the final destination wins the game. This event is FREE, but it requires you RSVP by April 30 and drop off/ pickup your student in D.C. on May 1. This is our last event of the school year!


Occasionally Student Ministry goes into overtime! We extend the evening together by another two hours and go hangout over food and/ or fun.

Game Nights

Game nights are a fun and casual way to get together. Students are welcome to bring their favorite board games or video games.

April Fools' Day Prank Fundraiser

We have a fun-loving church family who isn't afraid to prank each other. So, each April, our church hires our students to prank other people within our church to raise funds for our annual summer mission trip and camp to Philadelphia.


MFuge is a summer camp in which the students jump into ministry and serve the local community. In addition to service in which students are challenged and stretched as individuals, there’s Bible study, worship and fellowship. It’s designed to give students a mission experience that opens their eyes to similar opportunities they may have to serve in their own communities, learning to live life each day on mission! More info about MFuge here.

Lake Retreat

We are blessed to have a home on Lake Gaston donated for an annual time of water sports, games, friends and devotions. Whether your student prefers to contemplate the clouds in the hammock or go tubing at top speed, it will be a great and memorable weekend!

Girls/Guys Night Out

A choose-your-own-adventure evening with the guys or girls. Students spend the evening either going to a really nice dinner and then hanging out, or going to a cheap dinner and doing a fun activity out.

Christmas Progressive Dinner

Our tradition is to travel from house to house with delicious food at each. Our fun evening ends with a White Elephant gift exchange and lots of great memories!

Winter Meltdown

Winter Meltdown is your time to challenge yourself, go crazy and have fun, or just relax around a fire and make new friends. Our goal is to provide a place free from the distractions of everyday life— a winter youth retreat where students and leaders can focus on God and build meaningful relationships with each other.

You can visit their website for more info.