Embasaki Children's Project

Partnerships in Kenya

Through multiple mission trips over the years, Fairfax Circle Church has developed close relationships with organizations helping children in Kenya. We partner closely with the Embasaki Children’s Project. 

Embasaki Children’s Project

In 2009, we began working with Gospel Centres International (GCI) to serve the vulnerable children in the Embakasi area of Nairobi. This is a unique partnership where our church provides financial assistance to 15 at risk children who are currently living at home with a single parent or guardian. The financial resources allow the children to attend private schools where they gain a great education and have more opportunities than they would otherwise.

Our partner church, GCI, provides case management and oversight of the program, coaches, and encourages parents and guardians and provides spiritual and emotional support to the children and their entire family.

If you would like to help support this work, please click link below and choose “Kenya Partners” as your giving option.