Lamb Center

Cooking for the Lamb Center

The Lamb Center is a daytime drop-in center for the poor and homeless in central Fairfax County. It offers guests a warm, welcoming environment and services including breakfast, lunch, laundry service, showers, haircuts, pro bono legal counseling, AA and addiction counseling, general healthcare, Bible studies, fellowship, job search help, and much more.


Third Saturday

Our church provides a lunch that will feed about a hundred people one Saturday per month for the guests of the Lamb Center. This is usually on the 3rd Saturday of the month but make sure that you check the events page. Sometimes holidays or events cause us to move our day.  We start cooking at the church around 9:00 am. Please join us!


We are always looking for volunteers to plan the menu, help prepare and serve this monthly lunch.  If you would like more information about volunteering, please email us or use the button below.

Important Details

  • We use a Sign-up Genius to fill our monthly volunteer needs. Once you let us know you are interested, we will include you in this email so that you can pick and choose when you are available.
  • Kids are welcome! Often times, the Lamb Center guests are most thrilled to see the Fairfax Circle children serving and helping. The minimum age should be around 7 or 8 years. If you bring your child/ren, please ensure you supervise - but know they are most welcome to join in.
  • We do't have a regular rotation for folks to serve. Each month, we have a fresh set of volunteers. Sometimes we have the same folks as previous months - but sometimes we have new faces. You are always needed, and always welcome!
  • We serve the 3rd Saturday each month. Our rhythm is typically about the same each month: we cook at the church until about 11:00 am, at which time we caravan the food over to the Lamb Center. Once at the Lamb Center, we help set up for lunch, participate in Bible Study, help in the pantry etc; lunch service begins about 11:45 am/12:00 pm (depends when the Lamb Center worship service ends). Once lunch ends, we help clean up, we are usually complete by 1:00 pm.
  • On any given Lamb Center Saturday, you may serve for part of the time, or all of the time. You are welcome, whether you only have the time to cook - or only to serve, or for both. The Sign-up Genius is structured so that you can select the times that work best for you.