Our Mission

We aim to increase awareness of vulnerable populations locally and globally, encourage prayer as a tool to bring justice for these groups and to meet their needs, and lead others to become engaged in ministries that work with vulnerable people.

What We Do 

Each month, Micah 6:8 will focus on one of our local or global partners to provide support through prayer. Prayer is a form of help that people on all levels can contribute to. Each month, we provide 3 steps that you can take:

  • A Testimony: A written or visual testimony from the partner or those that have been affected by the partners services.
  • Prayer Request: The prayer needs of the organization.
  • Call To Action: Information on how you can get involved or learn more about our partners and their service.

For more information about Micah 6:8, contact Elise at elise@fairfaxcirclechurch.org.

This Months Spotlight:


Fairhill Elementary School


We have been working with Fairhill Elementary for over 4 years now.  The school is across the street from the church.  There is a small group of people from Fairfax Circle that have provided things like this celebration of PI Day, as well as lunches and hot chocolate bars. Many of you have contributed gift cards to the school, making you a part of the team.  Our primary goal is to be a great neighbor, and to be the presence of Christ in all of our efforts.

Let's Pray

  1. The staff, faculty and families at Fairhill.
  2. The partnership that we have with Fairhill, that we will be the presence of Christ.

Be Involved

If you have time during the day to help with our different events, or if you have an idea for an event, email Elise at elise@fairfaxcirclechurch.org