Our Mission

We aim to increase awareness of vulnerable populations locally and globally, encourage prayer as a tool to bring justice for these groups and to meet their needs, and lead others to become engaged in ministries that work with vulnerable people.

What We Do 

Each month, Micah 6:8 will focus on one of our local or global partners to provide support through prayer. Prayer is a form of help that people on all levels can contribute to. Each month, we provide 3 steps that you can take:

  • A Testimony: A written or visual testimony from the partner or those that have been affected by the partners services.
  • Prayer Request: The prayer needs of the organization.
  • Call To Action: Information on how you can get involved or learn more about our partners and their service.

For more information about Micah 6:8, contact Elise at elise@fairfaxcirclechurch.org.

This Months Spotlight:


International Justice Mission


This month our team would like you to learn about International Justice Mission, or IJM.  This is a partnership we don’t talk about as much, and we look forward to changing that in 2022.  We have a great testimony to share of someone who got involved and offered their talents to this organization after hearing about what they do.  This organization fights injustice using the law, and fights throughout the world to protect those that are victims of modern day slavery.  This organization covets our prayers.  There is a link that will take you to their prayer page.  As continue in this Advent Season this message from Gary Haugen, the founder of IJM is very timely.

Let's Pray

  1. The work of justice begins with prayer. As we seek justice on behalf of others, we rely on an all-powerful God to help us do what is only possible with and through Him.
  2. We need the support of our global Prayer Partners as we work in areas of great darkness and serve those in desperate need of rescue and restoration. Combating issues like slavery, sex trafficking and violent injustice is challenging, but when we pray over this work together, we are not paralyzed with despair.
  3. Prayer Partners pray with us, regularly and specifically. Signing up to be a Prayer Partner means that we'll send new, urgent prayer requests to your inbox every Saturday, so that you know what's happening in this movement to end slavery and can ask God to intervene in specific ways.

Be Involved

There are needs for volunteers!